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Fattu e Lassau

This is the story of Thomas, a 17 year old boy who lost his father at the age of six, and from that moment on, his life becomes a nightmare. He finds himself with an alcoholic mother, and in order to survive, he begins to sell drugs and sell stolen items. After losing a bigger dose which is not yet been paid, Thomas meets some musician friends who will help him to change his lifestyle.

 Fattu e Lassau (Smile to life) was born as after school project in the city of Iglesias (south-west Sardinia), which has as its main target the reduction of school discomfort  with the belief that the social union binds to concepts such as economic development and employment growth.

Fighting discrimination and promoting integration are essential to prevent social exclusion, to reduce the rate of unemployment and stimulate economic growth locally and nationally. This film is the result of a working group of students, united for the realization of projects aimed to reduce the phenomenon of early school leaving and social difficulties. A working path that starts from the needs of young people unable to find a concrete answer.

Director: Alessio Zara - Eloisa Serra
Cast: Mattia Virdis, Simone Zara, Luca Fois, Luciano Zoppo, Simone Locci, Eleonora Martis, Maria Grazia Muscas, Fabrizio Marcia, Andrea Sanna, Margherita Lai

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