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Shooting a film is expensive. Why not help indipendent film projects?

We have created this new section so that we can raise an additional stream of funding to support new talented artists, to produce their original projects and get your name involved in the film industry! Help us to realize these projects: with your support we can really contribute to develop the indipendent film industry.
And not only: All the projects funded and supported by donations are connected to the charity trust foundation "Project Rainbow" that work hard to support social, cultural and art projects:
Therefore, your donation will go to fund a film that once released on the market, 10% of the profit will go into a fund for the development of charity projects.
Projects selected to date are chosen by Filmstar for their originality, social content and their capabilities on the worldwide film market.

All the film projects proposed are selected by a Filmstar committee comprised of staff and members with experience in film-making and campaigning.
These as well as all future projects will be based on essential criteria, including:
- The film’s mission is to challenge and contribute new thinking to current global issues  (human rights, environment, scientific research,  etc.)
- The filmmaker can provide evidence that he will realize a feature film for a quality theatrical release and for an international audience.

We are very grateful for all of the money that is donated to the cause.
Click on the “Film Campaign” button and choose the film project you would like to support with your precious contribution. Then select one of the two options available: One Time Donation or Regular Donation.

- One Timen Donation
If you like to make one donation, the following link enables you to make a donation by credit/debit card or paypal.
For bank transfers contact us for more details.

- Regular Donation to the General Film Projects Fund
A regular donation (either monthly or bimonthly) enables Filmstar to grow a sustainable fund that can stay committed to funding films that help new talents and social projects.
Regular donations can be made by setting up a standing order with your bank or via PayPal who will charge your credit/debit card.

Inviting supporters to our online donation page is easy using the sharing link.

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