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Why Invest in a Movie?
A movie is the best investment you can make for the up-side potential vs. the risk. They're better than real estate, gold, silver, precious stones, income-producing rental properties, futures, treasuries, international currencies . . .
There is no business with manufacturing capital entry requirements as low as motion pictures where the potential return can be as unlimited over the short, medium and long terms.
For instance, a movie such as American Graffiti, costing as little as $777,000 to produce, earned $140,000,000 and it does not stop earning money - for a lifetime.
Movie Budget Records, Profits and return of investment:
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Why Indipendent Movies?
Comparing The Blair Witch Project to Paranormal Activity or El Mariachi to The Passion of the Christ might seem like an all but futile endeavor.
But one thing that all four of these films have in common is they are independent feature film, commonly known as indie films. Movies such as these present a unique opportunity for investors to get involved with a creative project and see their names up on the big screen.
Indie films are often seen as more artsy or edgy than major studio productions. They are shown around the world at festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival,  Cannes Film Festival or Berlin Film Fest. Particularly worthy projects are sometimes purchased by major studios for distribution. Indie films are funded with the producers' own money, through loans, or with the help of private investors or branded sponsors.
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Is film investment a Risky Business?
There is no guaranteed ROI, and investing in actual movie production won't necessarily make you a fortune, with occasional exceptions, of course. However, there can be very good returns for investing, dependent on how you choose to do your investing in indie films.
Even those that flop in the theater, still have the potential to break even or produce a profit in the overseas markets, through video-on-demand contracts, DVD rentals and product- licensing deals.
if you invest in a film that has a good distribution strategy such as theatrical renditions, DVDs, video-on-demand, cable, foreign markets, etc., there can be lucrative earnings. Another reason for investing is taxation perks that can be associated with supporting the arts (dependent on where your invest).
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Is this a short term investment? 
Don't gamble on one film hoping to win a film festival. Look to finance 5, 10, 20, or more films instead: that way, there is more than just upside on revenues from each one but a final exit strategy after 5-8 years that can bring 300-400% returns on capital invested.
Keep in mind, they’re a non-correlated asset, meaning the success or failure of cinema is not influenced by the ebb and flow of Wall Street, a prized characteristic of alternative investments since they theoretically helps to balance one’s portfolio.
Our advice is: Never invest in just one film, but rather a portfolio of films.
For this reason, Filmstar offers its investors a portfolio of film projects ranging from feature films, TV series till the documentary film. By holding a diversified portfolio, you should be able to reduce your exposure to individual asset risk.
Film investment should not be looked at as a way to make a quick buck. It’s for investors looking to put their money into a fun and creative project. Film investment can provide an experience like no other, but investors should be sure never to invest more than they can afford to lose.
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Big name actors help to grow the ROI?
If the lead actor is a male or female, and the type of contract actors are granted—factors that influence a film’s profitability, big name actors help draw an audience, but they also might demand that they get paid first out of the box office receipts, which limits the ROI (Return on investment) opportunity for investors.
Some well known name is always present in our films involved also with secondary roles. At the Filmstar we love to give support to new talents and take them together with  international fame actors. This works in two ways: firstly, the movie on the market, secondly we contribute to cast new talented artists.
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What other benefits will get our investors?

  1. The honour of an opening and end credit in the film (also as “Executive Producer” – dependent on the amount invested)
  2. Tickets to the premiere of the film and Red Carpet
  3. Invitations to be extras on one of the filming days on set
  4. Invitations to Award Ceremonies when the film is nominated
  5. Interviews and video comments as “Producer” with the Media and Dvds Extra contents included
  6. Signed Posters, Photos and DVD copies from the stars of the film once filming is


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Shooting a film is expensive. Why not help indipendent film projects?

We have created this new section so that we can raise an additional stream of funding to support new talented artists, to produce their original projects and get your name involved in the film industry! Help us to realize these projects: with your support we can really contribute to develop the indipendent film industry.

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