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Killing bob

This work was born from the need to capture and highlight the various youth issues that surround the society in which we live and that invade the daily life quietness.

We live, in fact, in a sick society, weak, because now poorly "fed" of moral and ethical principles. A society composed of individuals who, despite their distinct differences, are victims of a social system whose communication codes feed on reference models superficial and violent, without realizing it.
A society that thrives on materialism and form, two elements that constitute the "instrument easier and faster to use," because it allows the easy possession and the easy way to use the facts, things, and even more the conscience of the individual  that later will define the historical time in which the society itself identifies the modern youth.
To deal with this issue, the director uses the "Extreme Sports", telling the story of Bob and his friends, whom to feel new emotions come to defy death.

As S. Augustine wrote:  if the others do it, why do not I? It's the motto that rings in the minds of the extreme sports fans, unable to harmonize desires and impulses with reason, they engage themselves in ventures on the edge of the pulse-pounding, thrill-seeking stronger, and when the daily life does not provide meaningful attractions, here's a "thrill" in the mind, which then extends down the back ... a "strong desire" to find somewhere else.

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