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Mosaic 2013

In a New York Homicide interrogation room, two detectives are trying to get answers from eight people living in the same building in the heart of Little Italy.  Each tenant seems to have the means, motive, and opportunity to be involved in the recent disappearance of their Landlord.  Drawn from true-life events, MOSAIC explores the many problems that infect our society and that invade the serenity of our daily lives made anemic by a lack of moral principles and ethics.  A society composed of individuals who in their distinct diversity, are, without realizing it, victims of a social system whose codes of communication feed on superficial and violent reference points.  A society fed with materialism and of shape: elements that constitute the “simplest and quickest instrument to use.”  Because breaking life down to the simplest form and facts is easiest.  From there each individual turns within their group and ends up defining historic times in simplistic terms.
This society, through such codes finishes by hiding and smothering the true existential values of every human being in it.  And dangerously leaves a vacuum   of the most extraordinary facts: in this way every single person, doesn’t become anything but the unconscious victim of a habit, ever more chronic, to a coexistence with the appearance that he can’t overcome, leaving the deepest problems that make us human, unsolved.

Director: Marco Cabriolu 
Cast: Daniel Baldwin, Francesco Gabriele, Vincenzo Esposito, Luca Cabriolu, Emilio Puggioni, Daniele Blando, Sara Carallo, Angelo Amoretti, Elisabetta Todde, Honey Isher, Pino Pizzuti.

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