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The Drumme's adventure

The Drummer's Adventure, written and directed by Marco Cabriolu, consists of a 240 minutes feature-length film that capture the essence of the rock evolution while exploring how this art form so deeply influenced music and people all over the world.

Optioned* Performers in "The Drummer's Adventure"
Pete Best*
Ian Paice*
Stewart Copeland*
Nicko McBrain*
Mike Portnoy*
In this film documentary, Cabriolu celebrates the transition from rock to metal music. The film features interviews and live performances of drums players, Pete Best, Ian Paice, Stewart Copeland, Nicko McBrain and Mike Portnoy and shows archival performances and photos of Beatles, Deep Purple, Police, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and much more. Also other famous international drummers are present in the film with several performances which give a valuable contribution to the film documentary.

The picture begins with the journey from the African origins and culminates with the evolution of the modern drum kit.
Rock is a form of art/poetry that is so universal that it has inspired people in everyday life and continue to influence our lives independently of our cultural level, our social status or our age. “The music we listen to today is nothing more than the result of the development, research and human sensitivity of previous artists and… this is their inheritance! I’m hopeful that this film will introduce new audiences worldwide to the music, the drums and also inspire the future generations, whether music genre they will like, to better understand the genius artists that gave birth to what they are listening today. Cabriolu continues - My goal, from the start, is to create a personal film and close to every musician or fans, trying to create a direct link to some of the most creative artists who have contributed to the development of rock music, showing the drumming from a new point of view”.

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